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Holiness To The Lord
by Randy Cox

Catalog #: BEA0031 

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Voicing:Cantata of 7 movements for mixed voices (SATB) with piano accompaniment 
Difficulty Level:Medium
Number of Pages:88
Duration:approx. 45 minutes
A wonderful full-length cantata of seven movements that begins and ends with triumphant chords to signal the coming of the Lord to His temple.  Its movements are described in more detail below.

  1. Gloria: Taken from the Ordinary of the Mass, the Latin text is set in a grand and flowing accompaniment.
  2. The Pure In Heart: A gentle setting for the text in Doctrine and Covenants 97:15-21 that ends in a wonderful chorus of "rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!".
  3. Therefore Will the Lord Wait: A sweet soprano solo conveys the essence of the comforting phrases from Isaiah 30:18-21, intermingled with sections where the full chorus comes in with refreshing emphasis and power.
  4. Sing Unto the Lord a New Song: Begins with a strong unison chorus of praise, moving into more and more reverent expressions,) returning to the triumphant strains of the beginning.  The text is from Psalm 96:1-9.
  5. The Lord's Prayer: A melodic and tender treatment of the well-known text with rich choral textures.
  6. The Mountains Shall Depart: Beginning with darker tones, this movement from Isaiah 54:10-13 creates feelings of despair and doubt at the beginning.  As the text turns to the Lord's mercy, the music shifts nicely, ending with a light melody sung by the women before a restatement of the original theme.
  7. Who Shall Ascend? - Kyrie: The chorus begins this movement by singing the chords that prelude the Gloria.  The piano) introduces the bright theme that will be used for the text from both Psalm 24 and later the Kyrie of the Requiem Mass.  The latter text is sung with a cheery enthusiasm atypical of the mass, but beautiful as a message of the mercy the Lord makes available through His holy house.

Published By:Beata Music

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