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Sheet Music

I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go
Arranged by Randy Cox

Catalog #: BEA0051 

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Voicing:Vocal or instrumental solo (includes instrumental parts for C and Bb instruments, viola, and cello) with piano accompaniment. 
Difficulty Level:Easy to Medium
Number of Pages:8
Duration:4:45 minutes
This instrumental solo begins by painting a picture of a soul who wants to serve the Lord in big and grand ways.  It) softens as the first verse begins simply, as the text reads: "It may not be on a mountain height,"  signifying a willingness to serve God, though the disciple may be unprepared for tasks that are mundane, lowly, or difficult.  The piece blossoms in the second verse as possibilities begin to come to view.  After an interlude of tension, the third verse opens in grand strains and continues on to a beautiful final verse and chorus that presents the glorious knowledge that God loves and has a place for each of his children.  Like other instrumental works from Beata Music, this piece comes with instrument parts for C and Bb instruments, containing markings for violin, flute, oboe, and clarinet.  This work includes additional parts for viola and cello.
Published By:Beata Music

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